Welcome! The Oasis Tabernacle congregation invites you to join us, as we celebrate and share the abundant life given to us as God's children.

Our services open at 9:30 am with prayer and general announcements. During this time children ages 5-12  are dismissed for Sunday school classes. Visiting children are welcome to attend! Speak with someone at the reception desk when you arrive to find out more information.

Directly after the opening announcements, praise and worship is led by the Oasis Singers.

An offering is received during the first few songs, and there is no obligation to contribute.

After the song service, a sermon is given by one of our church leaders.

The service sometimes ends with another song or so. Generally the full service concludes at 12:00 pm.

Join us LIVE on YouTube.

New to Oasis?
Read our statement of faith, and meet the church leadership.