Remembering Ellen Witmer


What Happened

On August 30, 2019 Mom passed on to a better place. We are thinking she had a heart attack or an aneurysm. I found her around 1:30 this afternoon face down, cold and blue. It seemed like she died before she hit the floor. Her eyes were open just like normal when I rolled her over. I truly believe she died then fell. There were no signs of her trying to get up or anything. Her phone was right above her head on her night stand. I started CPR but I could tell she was in the room saying “It’s no use. I’m OK now.” Then I made three of the worst phone calls of my life. I called Dad, my brother, Anthony and my sister, Anessa. –
Ellen’s son, Austin Witmer

What Ellen Meant to Me

Friends and family share their thoughts and feelings

In memory of my dear friend. Ellen, you have left a tremen- dous impact on my life. You were that quiet, gentle per- son with a contagious laugh. You went about doing good, in your quiet way. You loved Jesus and hungered to know more about Him. I treasure our times together at practice and singing on the choir. Such a beautiful voice—and I miss you, greatly!
Martha Slabaugh

I have many treasured memories of Ellen. We formed an instant bond. We laughed, cried, shared and prayed togeth- er. Her cultural background and mine were often subjects of interest. I still don’t understand all those different sects and rules. Her children adopted me as “granny Kathy”. I love them dearly. Ellen had her priorities in order. God, family, people. Al- ways in tune to the needs of others. She will be greatly missed, but praise God, she is free from a body of pain!
Kathy Speelman

When I think of knowing Ellen, it was knowing a woman who endured much hardship and pain throughout her life. It made her soft and gracious, always following hard after Jesus. This summer we were in a group studying the book, “Lies women believe and the truth that sets them free.” I got to see her heart, that always embraced truth, leading to greater freedom in all areas. Her gentle and serving heart inspires me to be the same.
Anne Weaver

I believe the legacy Ellen left behind is a picture of true ser- vanthood. She served the Lord with Joy and Love. She had a sweet smile for everyone she met. She was a woman who had a rather difficult start in life, but was thankful for all she had. She allowed the difficulties of life to be formed into a precious pearl that was visible to all who knew her.

I enjoyed being in a women’s study group with Ellen. Her hunger for the truth was inspiring. My life has been en- riched knowing her. I will miss her, but I am rejoicing she is Home!
Rosella Miller

Ellen was a special friend. We have lived as neighbors for the past four years. We were also together in a Bible study. She loved the Lord and also enjoyed singing on the choir. We had many con- versations on our trips together when we went to see Dr. Garth. She always had a ready smile. I will miss her southern accent. I just loved to hear her talk! Yes, Ellen will be dearly missed, espe- cially in that she won’t ever come walking through the door of my house. Rest in peace my friend.
Myrna Miller

Ellen Witmer was an ordinary lady with extraordinary life flow- ing through her. Her quiet ways spoke loudly of always caring for others. The way she’d ask how I’m doing meant so much to me. The life she lived here on earth speaks so much life to me. Those sparkling eyes and winning smile did wonders when I was doubting myself or was hurting. There are no words to describe the depth of Ellen Witmer’s life.
Rebecca Irias

Ms. Ellen I miss you so much, but at the same time I rejoice that you are now pain free! It feels like a short window of time that God gave me the privilege to walk with you. You taught me so much! Because of your hunger and love for God, you didn’t try to teach me, you lived a transparent and genuine life.

Ellen you did this so well: live life with no regrets! You told me “take care of your loved ones. For all you know, that love will get them through many hard times.” Yes, Ellen your love is carrying us through this time.
Margaret Miller